21am is a Design studio based in Milan.
Since 2006 We have shaped Your future through Design.

BPhone U-10

2G mobile phone for kids

Wi4B Man Down

Safety device for workers remote monitoring

Amada Keeper

Industrial monitoring interface

3 WebCube4

4G LTE Wi-Fi Router

Elvox Video Door

Wi-Fi video doorbell app for smartphone and tablet

We set our hearth on your goals.
We devise for and with You products, solutions & experiences.

21am offers its strategy, design and development skills to those who want to turn their idea into a real product. Our support is tailored according to your needs. We start a work process able to stimulate all the parts involved, allowing them to get to know the best of the global context. Our goal is to build together new benchmark products.

We conceive interaction design as a means to improve everyone's quality of life, exploiting the full potential of technology in a simple way.
We give tangible form to ideas, taking advantage of all the technologies and solutions available in the industrial context today.
All our know-how and resources are devoted to innovation, leading you to achieve your target effectively thanks to a "lean" approach.

We are partners with global companies.
We share a story of innovation and inspiration.

We were born in a country with a strong and ancient cultural tradition, but also with a great capability to innovate. We chose to keep this identity alive, renewing it by widening its boundaries towards all the significant places of our time. We have always worked together with companies of any sizes, with people from any country, integrating the many different kinds of know-how and creativity into a system capable of generating great value. Finding out who we work with means not only to know what we have done, but also to figure out what we will create tomorrow.

We are willing to work together with you.
We are a team of large interdisciplinary experience.

The world we deal with is very complex. Different and updated skills are needed to understand it. We have created a diversified team able to interact with any part of the development process and to set itself in different ways, according to the needs of each single project. For what our own skills can’t get, we can rely on a rich network of specialists, strong after years of cooperation.

Adam James Cavallari

Chief Designer

Andrea Alessandri

Head of Product Development

Fanqi "Tim" Guan

Technology Hunter

esperto tecnologia

Matteo Catalano

UX Designer

UX designer 21am

Daniele Pinazzi

Web Developer

Web developer esperto wordpress

Victor Rosas

Design Strategist

design strategist

Are you a Company?

We have the right means to support your operations and lead you towards the crafting of your future.

Are you a Startup?

We know your needs very well and we can add value to your business idea, quickly and effectively.