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With all the products of the WebPocket series we have made it simple to access an Internet connection everywhere through the mobile network, with the WebCube series we have added to this performances and reliability of a ground line network.
But Tre Italia wanted to go further, trying to merge all this in only one device, with the highest performances, and asked 21am to make this vision become true. So, the PocketCube was born: a home router that connects to the 3G network, but equipped also with a separable part, which allows to bring the home network always with you.
Pocket Cube immediately became an iconic product, not only for its monolith look with a high technological content, but moreover for its refined mechanism of magnetic clipping among the parts, that makes the switch from fixed to mobile a simple but powerful gesture.


Working in a close contact with Huawei, in charge of the development of the PocketCube for Tre Italia, 21am managed not only to preserve the strength of the initial design, including the peculiar system of magnetic connection, but also to make of it the stronger feature of the product.
The magnetic clipping solution, which allows the coupling of the parts only in the right direction, led to the adoption of a simple but at the same time effective USB connection replicated on PIN. The cradle design, studied in the smallest details, is such as to optimize the performances of the Wi-Fi additional antennas, avoiding the interferences with the 3G ones and to favor the cooling of the supply unit. The success of the product was such that it was distributed not only by the H3G network outside Italy, but also by Huawei itself inside its own range.

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