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When the concept itself of data connection portability, first introduced with the WebCube, became common and shared, product communication by Tre Italia focused more and more on the key features of the brand: technology and performances. The availability of 3G-21.6 Mbps connections was thus exploited as an opportunity to renew the WebCube device concept, delivering to the market a smaller, simpler and cheaper product.
Therefore 21am designed a specific product development process, relying on the strong involvement of the major manufacturer responsible for the technical development, to the aim of devising in parallel processing electronical, mechanical and style solutions, enhancing mutual optimization.


The main result of this innovative design approach was the great satisfaction of Tre Italia: the new device was compact, attractive, showing great care for details, excellent in performances, with manufacturing cost even lower than expected, far less than the previous generation. The huge work done by 21am on geometries and on the components layout led to a product shell composed by only three parts, simple to manufacture and assemble. The sensation, when handling the product, is of a solid and high-quality device.

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