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In 2009 the use of data in mobile connections starts to raise significantly, Tre Italy decides so to invest to deliver a device able to make the high performances of its mobile network available also for home use. For its first time in people's houses, Tre Italy looks for a device delivering technology but being at the same time desirable, a router "that doesn't look as a router but as something that people would buy because they like it". That's how 21am creates the first Webcube, a small device with an elegant design, conceived to be easily connected to any wall plug or to enrich a desk thanks to a luminous cradle able to get the best of its cubic shape. This is the start of a whole new brand: WebFamily.


The WebCube is shown on the market in 2010 and immediately gets positive remarks, also thanks to the great design and development job performed by 21am, to the iconic shape, to the wise use of light, to the decorated PMMA surface that enhances the technological value, to the smart installation options. The device turns into a distinctive element of the H3G data service in 4 countries: Italy, Austria, United Kingdom and Sweden.

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