3 WebCube4

4G LTE Wi-Fi Router

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The fourth generation of the WebCube, a product that is iconic and representative of the concept of connectivity in mobility itself, was conceived to hold the best technology of the moment in a shape that is new and recognizable at the same time. 21am therefore conceived a volume enclosed by soft and harmonious surfaces, simple but with a strong character, made precious by a delicate texture on the external surface. The object fits any environment, showing as a delicate piece of technology.


Also, for this new generation of the WebCube, 21am offered Tre Italia not only its capability to create shapes able to show effectively and stylishly concepts such as state-of-the-art technology and simplicity but also its ability to make of it a real product. Working in a close contact with the major ICT manufacturers involved in the production, 21am supervised any stage of the engineering, with the aim of preserving in the product, manufactured in large scale, qualities and details chosen at initial stage.

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