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The idea of Cloubs starts from the awareness of the clubs business and from the will to offer an integrated solution for the management of orders and payments. Ordering, paying, getting the drink or the meal are actions that are critical non only for clients, crowding the counter and often fighting to get noticed, but also for the tenant, that can't manage to set up operations efficiently. Cloubs allows clients to place the order on a mobile application, with no rush; once the order is undertaken, it can be received at the counter or at the table, or even treated to other guests in the club, to get the ball rolling.


Cloubs asked 21am to deal with the user experience and interface design, mainly for two reasons: on one hand its experience with mobile applications and technologies in general, on the other the willingness to work focused on delivering the product to the market as soon as possible with the low resources available. Couldn't we go for it? Cloubs was not only a job, but a real opportunity to investigate the role of digital technologies on a totally different application scenario.

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