Abaco Computers Board

Multi input device for Scratch

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To draw kids to coding is the aim of Scratch, a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab, rich in more than 25 million of shared projects. To promote creative thinking, the coding is made linking graphic objects as if they were pieces of a puzzle and activates nice comics characters. Abaco, that in Italy promotes the use of computer science in the world of education, asked 21am to design Board to enhance the experience with Scratch, making it interact with the real world. Abaco Board includes, in fact, a range of controls and sensors which can interact with the coding environment, in an easier way if compared to other products in the market, making Scratch itself much more accessible.


Having to cope with an electronic board that had been already developed and with binding geometries, 21am did not only devises a project which combines the greatest usability, simple assembling, low production costs, but decides that a product meant for children can't be but conceived as a toy! Abaco Board shows anthropomorphic shapes and bright colors, coupled according to the principles of the Design for All, soft surfaces and a geometry of parts that is perfect for a small production with low costs, without renouncing the care of the detail. The side selector, for example, has a very peculiar shape but is produced as part of the main shell, to be then separated during assembling operations.

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