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Wi-Fi video doorbell app for smartphone and tablet

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On the occasion of the launch of its new IP video intercom system, conceived to create a powerful solution for internal communication and entry control in buildings based on data network, Elvox asked 21am to be in charge of the design of the mobile interface. The Elvox system is able to link the video door entry services with mobile phones and tablets of the registered users, wherever they are, if connected to Internet; mobile phones are the tools which we all immediately link most to the idea of video and audio communication itself. The Video Door application has the simple but not banal aim of making all the functionalities, communication, activations, messaging and much more, usable in a typical mobile experience.


The Video Door application is absolutely a novelty for Elvox, 21am has therefore had to devise an information architecture such as to couple intuitiveness and completeness, organizing the different features and running the high variability of configuration. Furthermore, Video Door creates a new and well-structured visual language for Elvox, deriving processes and interactions typical of the mobile world, with the aim of pushing its user to explore the potentialities of its system, exploit them and so get to appreciate its value. Only a curious and conscious customer may become a happy and faithful one.

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