S5Tech ESL

Electronic shelf label for the retail industry

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The ESL system (Electronic Shelf labelling) by S5Tech, an Italian startup which was established in 2009, enters the market in 2011 to offer the wireless and real time running of prices and information of goods in the shops, replacing the stressful update of paper labels. The S5Tech technology was the first to offer a high capacity of transmitting data to the single label, thanks to the 2.4 GHz band on 802.15.4 protocol, able to manage not only the segments displays, but also dot-matrix ones. The S5Tech system is composed of shelf labels in two sizes, of their fittings, of sales promotion signaling accessories, of the devices for the management of the network in the point of sales, of the physical and digital tools for the updating by the operator.


S5Tech asked 21am to do of its technology a range of real products with which to approach a particularly demanding kind of client, that is retailing corporations. 21am designed and developed first ESL labels, conceived to look thin and integrated in the shelf and made in ABS coupled with ultrasound welding; the project then extended to the wide range of shelf mounting fittings and promotion signaling accessories, to the Hub units and network Coordinator, to the digital interface for price updating. In every of the different areas of the project, 21am has supervised all the steps necessary to take its own concept to the production stage, interacting directly with the whole network of suppliers involved, in Italy and in Europe.

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