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Universal interface for thermostat control

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To obtain easily what you wish is not a common experience when it comes to programming the climate in the house, also because it deals with processes which we usually don't perform so often. In 2013 21am receives by Vimar the request to devise a totally new experience for the thermostats control mobile application By-clima, even leaving what was customary, so that the user may discover, experience and therefore appreciate the most advanced functions of the purchased product. To give the product even greater incisiveness, goal of the new application is that of running in a homogeneous way time-thermostats that are similar as concerns their functions but different as regards the way they get commands: one of them is equipped with Wi-Fi connection and linked to the cloud, two are operated via SMS, one is programmable using sounds codified in Vimar By-sound protocol. The result is a remote interface which marks a generational step up for Vimar, with an unprecedented logic of daily programming, quick and simple, but also a new benchmark for the market.


21am directly ran both the design and the development of the application, acting as the only job owner for Vimar, gathering market and usability requirements, specifications of the four different programming languages and related working principles of the thermostats. Once we got and organized all the variables of this complex scenario, we designed an interface as homogeneous as possible among the different models and able to run on all the available operating systems: By-clima is, in fact, the first application in this sector available on Android, on iOS and on UWP (Universal Window Platform). The application has been available in the stores since May 2015, with almost 50.000 installations only on Play store.

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