Wi4B Man Down

Safety device for workers remote monitoring

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Wi4B develops in real time technologies for analysis of data coming from sensors and radio services for industrial applications, useful to optimize consumption and to increase the workers' safety. In 2015 Wi4b decided to develop together with 21am its first physical device of control and communication, the Man-Down, with challenging requisites: a very small series, high mechanical performance, great usability. The Man-Down is in fact a device meant to be worn at the waist by workers operating in critical environments, its sensors monitor their movements, interact with other smart elements in the in the work site, detects anomalies, runs the distinct levels of communication necessary to cope with an emergency. It must therefore resist any environmental condition, guaranteeing usability even with heavy gauntlets.


Thanks to the great knowledge of materials and of the most innovative work techniques, 21am managed to guarantee the achievement of the strict requisites of the Man-Down product: high mechanical resistance, resistance to liquids and to chemical agents typical of work environments such as workshops and petrochemical plants, acceptable cost on small lots of production. Cooperating with our network of suppliers, we found manufacturing solutions alternative to the traditional high-temperature plastic injection and we applied them to materials and geometries chosen with care. The Man-Down is a product of high aesthetic quality, very good usability, great mechanical performances and, moreover, has costs and assembling logic that perfectly meet the needs of a difficult and special market as the one in which Wi4b is active.

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