You don't complicate the already difficult life of the consumer.

Raymond Loewy

More than 3 million people in Italy have used or are using products designed by us.

We have delivered more than 100 projects. More than 80 of them have turned into products launched on the market. Among these, 35 are digital interfaces. We face each project starting from the definition of its specific development process, combining the available resources, the objectives to be achieved, the requirements to be met, alternating design and verification stages.


Our goal is to create products capable to improve the quality of our daily life. Each object has the potential to evolve towards a shape capable of improving its performances, whether functional or emotional. That's why we call you to a great preliminary analytical work on scenario, requirements, objectives of your project, in order to define the rich context that revolves around your idea.


Sharing the requirements of a product is fundamental for its realization. We follow every single stage of development; we verify that it reaches the expected performances; we devise the best solutions that the entire industrial scene can offer. We take care of our products up to the delivery to your end-users, as we want to make sure that the result complies in every detail with their expectations as well as yours.


Carrying out a product together is for us the beginning of an actual relationship, which doesn't stop with the delivery of the project. Our clients as well as our suppliers are part of a fluid system of continuous inspiration, able to generate value. We continue pushing you anytime, stimulating the evaluation of the opportunities that we identify for you, because we want to grow together with you.

Each of our projects expresses value.
A value that leaves an indelible mark.

Find out what we have done in the past so at to evaluate the effectiveness of our approach to design and the contribution we can make to you.

Vimar By-door

Wi-Fi video doorbell smartphone and tablet application

3 WebCube4

4G LTE Wi-Fi Router

BPhone U-10

2G mobile phone for kids

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