3 PocketCube | The first product able to offer home connection also in mobility
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3 PocketCube

The first product able to offer home connection also in mobility

3G mobile router with a cradle integrating power supply and Wi-Fi- signal booster

Designed with the greatest care to generate a brand-new hybrid device, able to bring connectivity anywhere

With the design of the WebPocket series we made it easy to enjoy an Internet connection anywhere, thanks to the mobile network; with the WebCube series we gave flexibility also the performances and reliability typical of a ground broadband connection. Tre Italia intended, however, to go further and try to mix all this in a unique device with top performances and it asked 21am to turn this vision into a real product: the PocketCube. A 3G router for your home composed of a cradle and a detachable device, which allows you to always bring your home connection with you. PocketCube immediately became an iconic device, not only for its high-tech monolith look but also and moreover for the refined mechanism of magnetic coupling of the two parts, that makes the switch from fixed to mobile position a gesture as simple as fascinating.


Cooperating with Huaweei, selected by Tre Italia for the industrial development, we managed not only to keep the intensity of the initial concept, including the peculiar magnetic coupling solution, but also to make these details the real strong points of the product. The magnetic coupling, that allows the positioning of the two parts only in the right configuration, led to the adoption of a simple and effective USB connection layout distributed on PINs.

The design of the cradle, analyzed down to the minimum detail, is such as to optimize the performances of the Wi-Fi additional antennas, avoiding any interference with the 3G ones, and at the same time to favor the cooling of the power supply components.
The success of the product resulted to be so big that it was then distributed not only by other H3G branches in the world, but also by Huaweei itself as part of its offer.

Vimar View

Detail of the USB dedicated connector for quick coupling

The Pocket being places in its cradle thanks to a magnetic coupling

Vimar View

A WebPocket in home setup

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