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Amada Keeper

Clearly reveals the vibrant soul of industrial robots


Digital interfaces for the remote control of industrial machinery

A leap forward for industrial monitoring interfaces, a solid ground on which to build a digital future.

Amada is a company which was born in the prefecture of Kanagawa, Japan, and leader in the production of automatic centres for the working of metal sheet. Its Engineering branch, based in Italy, deals with making technologies and tools usable in the European market, often becoming the most advanced practice, especially for what concerns usability, in the worldwide group itself.

The Keeper project constitutes the first approach of Amada in Industry 4.0 style through the development of IoT principles and the application of real time machine monitoring solutions. The Amada Keeper application allows the visualization and control of the working status of the different machines of the Amada system, sorted by productive units, on connected devices. The client so gets access to real time data allowing him to know what and how is being produced, to be notified in case of any machine alarms, to check the production efficiency.

Amada Engineering left 21am great freedom of acton, with the aim of coupling the information and functional requirements of the applications with an experience as immediate and close to the mobile world as possible. 21am therefore created a brand-new language, exploiting icons design, color codes, animations and interactive infographics to build a strong Amada identity. The most valuable information was placed in the foreground, with graphic solutions unprecedented in the sector, while the complete detail was reachable in a very few steps. Keeper was a real leap forward in the interfaces for work centers remote running, but at the same time a solid base on which to build the new digital identity of the company.

Vimar View

Animations and colors to immediately visualize the working status

Detailed diagrams for production monitoring

Vimar View

Statistics to check performances over time

Working area that can be composed dynamically in landscape layouts

Working area that can be composed dynamically in landscape layouts

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