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Giomax bPhone U-10

The first safety phone designed for parents and kids

Mobile phone with GPS/LBS positioning and remote configuration via SMS

We created a device that up to that time did not exist, starting from scratch down to placing it into the hands of the youngest

Nowadays to be a parent is really the hardest job: to raise children, to watch over them in chaotic cities, to take care of them while you have less and less free time, to grow them up with an adequate awareness of the value of technology that surrounds them. So, we thought: why not to devise a tool to help parents themselves?

Starting from this question, in 2012 21am started to develop the idea of a device suitable for children, attractive as a toy, able to educate them to a conscious use of technologies to communicate, useful and effective when facing the most common situations of danger.

Therefore 21am developed the bPhone U10, launched on the Italian market in September 2014: a mobile phone designed and certified to be used by children from the age of three and to become their best playmate. A simple tool that allows them to communicate only with their family, the bPhone is especially helpful for parents, who feel safer if they can track the position of their children anytime. This was such a new and exciting idea that it entered the portfolio of the largest Italian telephone operator, creating a new product category: children’s phones. Ten days of stand-by time, first phone to be certified for children, a location service based both on LBS and GPS, configuration and localization requests via SMS restricted to authorized numbers: the bPhone was able to win many challenges, first of all that to convince the very demanding blogger mothers.

We developed the device entirely “in house”, in Milan and Shenzen, we faced successfully all the technical and commercial barriers in a market made of tycoons and sold ten thousand pieces of a brand new mobile phone through an Italian distributor, Datamatic. The bPhone is an epitome of unique solutions, enclosed in its soft and playful shape: materials that can be certified for safe use starting from an age of 36 months and antibacterial, a simple and textless interface, the lowest SAR index value, a configuration managed via SMS, a user experience cared for in the minimum details, with massive use of digital channels, of blogs and of social networks for both promotion and support.

Vimar View

The bPhone interface was conceived also for who is not yet able to read

Vimar View

Information only reach the bPhone via SMS

The link sent via SMS can show the position on any suitable application

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