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ITM TrackAdvice

The digital Quality Control tool able to predict and schedule productions and deliveries


Digital platform for the collection and analysis of machinery components wear data

An operational need turned into an innovative value proposal, based on data analysis and the evolution of the relationship with customers

Having accepted the initial proposal of cooperation, we did not simply define a project, but we actually launched a journey of investigation and mutual understanding that led to the unexpected birth of a digital product which enabled a completely new range of services. ITM, a company leader in the manufacturing of components for crawler equipment, asked 21am to design a digital solution capable of recording inspections performed by technicians on site, of analyzing them with reference to collected wear data and of calculating the potential break point of the part. This would make it possible for clients to keep their expensive equipment always in operation thanks to a maintenance scheduled on real data.

We then started facing the global setup of the architecture of managed information, defining any system object like equipment and parts, identifying the main variables and creating the scheme of mutual relations. From this complex logical map some unexpected possibilities rose, such as the one of progressively enabling a real predictive maintenance, with notification to the different stakeholders of the part replacement time, the calculation of delivery time and therefore an optimized orders management. In a true industry 4.0 style, ITM could now push its clients to promote a regular data collection for their own profit, getting at the same time valuable and useful information for product development and stock optimization.

TrackAdvice, that was the turned into a mobile application for the on-site collection of data and a web platform dedicated to recording and inspections management, orders and fleet monitoring, generated for ITM a great advantage on its competitors in terms of relationships with clients and data collection.

Vimar View

Screen for the input of wear data thanks to help graphics

Dynamic tool for the evaluation of parts wear

Vimar View

Diagrams for wear checking and prediction

Vimar View

Dashboard for the evaluation of the general wear status of the machine and for damage prediction

Vimar View

Dashboard for the evaluation of the general wear status of the machine and for damage prediction

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