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Noon Care Android Launcher

To simplify Android making it suitable for the needs of fragile people


Android launcher designed for elderly people offering remote management of contacts and reminders

Shift the complexity of technology on expert users in order to offer its advantages to those who most need them

Noon Care Launcher originated from the results of the user tests performed on the Noon Care Talk to make it easier to access the same functionalities such as reminders of activities and medicines, positioning and remote management, with no need of a specific hardware.

The Launcher is, in fact, an application for Android devices that can totally replace the phone interface, providing simplified commands and evident room dedicated to handle daily routine; the reminder of performing a certain activity or keeping a medical appointment generates a full screen notification requiring confirmation by the user, always recorded on the cloud platform.

The configuration of the contact list and of activities, the check over confirmations and the positioning are accessible to caregivers thanks to a mobile application, designed and developed in house with Progressive Web App technology. This new scheme of relationship handled by smartphones and network allows any caregivers to easily use a common tool such as a smartphone to help the assisted person follow the correct sequence of daily actions, to configure his or her phone remotely solving a lot of small issues, to check the position anytime.

Noon Care Launcher was developed in order to perform an extensive field test that involved a group of selected families, starting from May 2018. All of them were taking care of a not self-sufficient person who was given a smartphone offered by HMD global. The development of the cloud platform was performed using Microsoft technologies, especially Azure, as part of the Microsoft for Startups project.

The field test was run throughout the year 2018 in cooperation with Genera ONLUS, in the context of a social and assisted housing project called Grace, in Milan. For the purpose of the test, the platform hosted integrated services by Reale Group, through its branch Blue Assistance, and by UGO, an Italian startup offering driving and support services for fragile people.

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A simplified home screen with main contacts and reminders

Vimar View

Full screen notifications to remind of the upcoming activities

Vimar View

Appointments and activities to remind can be scheduled remotely

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