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Vimar View Wireless

Wireless home automation, made easy and understandable


Mobile app for the configuration of home automation wireless devices

The right occasion for redefining the configuration process of smart devices

At the beginning of 2019 Vimardecided to start the development of a completely new range of appliances based on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth mesh and Enoceanwireless communication protocols: finally there was the right occasion to reconsider the smart devices configuration process.

The home automation systems have always seen a strong role being played by the installer, the only one able not only to design and deploy the wiring according to the customer’s needs, but also to deal with the often extremely hard programming necessary to make it smart.
While the wiring design and deploy is, in fact, definitely the installer’s domain, why not to apply a prosumer approach to the programming of the advanced functionalities, making the life of the installer himself easier and opening at the same time the field to properly skilled consumers?

That’s how 21am conceived for Vimar the View Wireless mobile programming interface, designed to guide professional users and consumers through all the steps needed to setup a smart home system, developed starting from the View language but enriched with visual and interaction specific solutions, with help animations, with step-by-step wizards.

Furthermore View Wireless is, as View before, a modular and flexible device and processes management system made ready to interact with products of today, with the ones still under development and also with the ones which are not yet conceivable, thanks to a rich design toolkit and a strong association between colors and functions.
Being designed through the use of tools allowing quick prototyping and able to ease the code development, View Wireless has grown in parallel with the design of the appliances themselves and of their firmware, following their progressive definition and enhancing their capabilities. Flexible, simple, modular: View Wireless frees the potentialities of home automation solutions making them accessible to everyone.

Vimar View

Configuration processes arranged in guided micro-wizards

Animations and color codes used to make operations easier

Vimar View

Devices visualization style for quick context identification

Vimar View

A dynamic access point that suggest the right procedure

An unprecedented visualization style to reveal the intangible

Vimar View

A simple and rigorous composition grid to make commands always clear

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