A startup is a human institution designed to create a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty.

Eric Ries

Startup means leading innovation towards a fast growth. We offer valuable tools to materialize and sustain it.

Today the Startup model includes most of the initiatives with a high level of innovation and follows precise rules: to get to the market quickly, to use resources efficiently, to react promptly to the context and to the different directions that a new business can take. We have assisted the launch of many Startup initiatives, we have been protagonists of some of them and thanks to these experiences we have refined valuable and specific tools to support your business dream.


For a new initiative it is essential to draw from similar experiences and reliable skills, so as to reduce risks and minimize execution times. We put at your service all the experience acquired over the years, as well as the network of competences we have built, to allow you to focus only on your strategy.


To imagine, materialize, face the market and validate your idea; to learn, reconsider and go back on the field to continuously improve yourself. The few resources of a Startup must be used effectively to face this approach.
That’s why we will ask you to focus on the objectives of each phase. We will devise the best, most effective and sustainable solution for you.


To support the continuous improvement of your product means being able to materialize your decisions quickly to get back to the market and validate them.
We know how important it is. Therefore, we are able to guarantee your responsiveness by offering quick and effective design and execution methods.

We are not just suppliers.
We are your major supporters.

The greater is the innovation held in your initiative, the higher is the risk and at the same time its potential: these are the elements that fascinate us, pushing us to feel part of your business.
We believe that inspiration is fundamental for innovation and that sharing is a prerequisite for growth. Therefore, we promote and cultivate the continuous comparison of ideas and experiences among all the companies and professionals we work with, because we are aware and proud of their value.

Abaco Computers Board

Multi input device for Scratch

3 WebCube 21.6 New

3G Wi-Fi Router

S5Tech ESL

Electronic shelf label for the retail industry

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Are you a Startup?

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